ESCALAS is happening in Escudellers Blancs, 7, 1º (Barcelona, Spain) on November 27th 2014.

A short piece of Itinerary Theater, written using fractal literature, and played at 20h, 21h and 22h
on November 27th, 2014 in Escudellers Blancs, 7, 1º, Barcelona (Spain) /
Written and directed by Darius Bogdanowicz
Actors: Nuria Portell Espinosa, Raul Ornellas Aguirre, Rafael Espinosa, Darius Bogdanowicz / Live Voice: Sandra Sangiao /
Cameras: Marco Ambrosini, Alejandro Torres Madrigal/ Sound: Brenda Borges /  Editing: Marco Ambrosini, Darius Bogdanowicz, Brenda Borges /
Soundtrack: Ubaldo (Andreu G. Serra)