White sheet is happening in the main hall of Metro Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) on November 9th 2013.

I AM a white sheet. I AM a passive body, freed to be used by strangers. I AM a canvas for urban poetry. I AM a messenger. THE STRANGERS do the work. I AM a collective poem, a break in urban freneticism, a breakdown in a place only made for transit.  I AM amplifying the social voice. During a span of two hours, I STAND in the bustling exit of Metro Catalunya (Barcelona), and offer my body for people to EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS. THEY WRITE with markers which I hold in my hands. I, MYSELF, DO NOT EXPRESS any emotion or feeling. MY GAZE AND STANCE stay directed toward the metro’s video surveillance cameras and exit signs that surround me, in a confronting but peaceful action. Minute after minute, I BECOME part of the urban landscape: A STRANGE ELEMENT, sometimes forgotten, sometimes revered, AN OBJECT.

Photography: Anna Magérusz & Eduardo Vecino
Thanks to Anna Magérusz, Eduardo Vecino, Jesús Cerezo, Berta Ayuso and others.