Darius Bogdanowicz (Liège, 1993. Sevilla, 2000) is a writer and performance artist. His works of fiction, inspired by the Latin American tradition, share an interest in the politics of travel, nomadism, hypermobility, and migration, focusing on its impact on the individual and its representation in western societies.

The book is the central axis of his work and the main force behind his creations, yet the extensive research that he conducts to anticipate his novels gives him space to experiment and speculate within a wide range of social contexts, creating site-specific performative actions. In parallel, he regularly performs his narrative, poetry, and spoken-word on minimalistic stages.

He performs regularly for the Marina Abramović Institute and the Théâtre de la Monnaie (Brussels), among other professional projects in the fields of spectacle and contemporary art. He has self-published a short story collection in Spanish, Cuentos de Ciudad y Ruina (2014), a novelette in English, Deep Dream (2016), and a novel in French, Festival (2019), part of the exhibition Metasporas (Point Culture, Brussels)Around Europe, he has created and presented the performances  Bands of Young Kids Seeking Trouble Dressed by N*ke and Ad*das (Colonia, Belgrado y Bruselas, 2019), White Sheet (Barcelona, 2014. Lesbos, 2018) and Salvando las Distancias (Lesbos, 2018). He participates as a co-curator for the nomadic live art event Kaleidoscope.

He earned his Master’s in Speculative Narrative with Great Distinction (École de Recherche Graphique – ERG, Bruselas, 2019) and his B.A. in Art and Design with Distinction (Escola Massana, Barcelona, 2016). Today he is back in Barcelona and works actively as an artist-in-residence at the Fábrica de Creación Fabra i Coats.


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