WHITE SHEET is happening at the fence of Moria Migrant Camp (Lesvos, Greece) on September 12th 2018, between 18h and 20h.

During a span of two hours, I stand in the bustling main road next to MORIA MIGRANT CAMP, offering my body for people to express their feelings, hopes and dreams. They write with markers which I hold in my hands. Looking at the horizon, I do not express any emotion or feeling. The strangers do the work. I become a collective poem, a cadavre exquis.


Moria Migrant Camp (and its unoficial extension The Olive Grove), officially a transit, identification, and detention camp, is the largest settlement for migrants in Greece, hosting around 8 500 inhabitants in its facilities. It has been often named the worst refugee camp in the world, a feeling that seems to be shared by its residents and visitors. This performance is part of a two years-long research in and out of Lesvos (Greece) for my novel “Festival”.
Photography: Karla Blume and Niels 
Thousand thanks to the many many spontaneous participants.