SALVANDO LAS DISTANCIAS is happening at the fence of Moria Migrant Camp (Lesvos, Greece) on September 5th 2018, between 17h and 18h.

Salvando las distancias. (Spanish idiom), literally means “saving the distances”. It is used to express that beyond the obvious differences – A and B are esentially the same.

In collaboration with the Congolese Afrobeat artist MAPIPO, by that time resident of the camp, now free.
Moria Migrant Camp (and its unoficial extension The Olive Grove), officially a transit, identification, and detention camp, is the largest settlement for migrants in Greece, hosting around 8 500 inhabitants in its facilities. It has been often named the worst refugee camp in the world, a feeling that seems to be shared by its residents and visitors. This performance is part of a two years-long research in and out of Lesvos (Greece) for my novel “Festival”.
Photography: Marco Ambrosini