that light is leaving
and winter’s shadows approach
I remember those colours:
Remains of reality in forgotten thoughts.

Arising from the dark
Blue metallic the Adriatic
fighting the white dawn.

We were facing Ayvalik
the Others were searching for Greece,
As we knew their distress
they knew we were there,
waiting for them.

Our brothers and sisters
skins tinted by old suns,
our brothers and sisters,
hundreds in trap boats,
our brothers and sisters,
a war behind an
Odyssey in front,
our brothers and sisters
may they feel welcomed
our brothers and sisters.




a lost sigh in a rough sea
sends one soul overboard.

The sun came out
lighting his journey
to the underworld.



I remember the colours that morning,
I was walking ‘home’,
the early sun exposing my sadness
to the softness of the early sun.
The sea accepting our defeat
absorbing our loss.

With the warmth rising
a mind searching for hope,
I sat on the rocks
and wrote a few words:



I will reconcile with the sea
all over again
although it kills my brothers,
as I recognize
that the swinging of its waves
tells no lie.

Sea mother of all
You fill your Atlantis Of New Ruins,
From Damasco to Kinshasa
From Santa Fe to Bamako,
today a new inhabitant
descends into your waters
searching for peace.

Show him, you Eternal Sea
that you are end but also beginning
that you are immortality,
and to those whom an old continent
ceases their existence,
pledge them a new start;
may your waves roar their motor,
charge your blues the dreams
of their afterlife.






that the shadow of winter
has reached our mirrors,
I would rather
pay tribute to the death
by talking about the luck
of being here

reciting the lottery of destiny
and the simplicity of
rotten leaves,
cold breeze,
and a rainy smell
that invades
the short days
that face your face.

Why would you have war in mind
when peace is outside?

Could you be in every act
an honest fighter
for the equality of rights?

moving winds
are caressing your needs,
blessing your inner-child.
And the reminiscence of light
will always illuminate
the dances we’ll have
while awakening
from a thousand shared nights.

Smile for me
even if for you I do not smile.
Break down the walls
Come, hug and kiss me,
be an ambassador
for the celebration of life.

Written in Lesvos and Berlin in 2016